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‘World’s largest animal’ snapped incredibly close to WA shore

Not one but four massive blue whales have been spotted cruising along the Western Australian coastline, dwarfing a small boat pictured in the background.

Photographer Dylan deHaas was there to capture the incredible sight a couple days ago, as the whales migrated to the cool waters of the Antarctic.

The endangered species is the biggest animal on the planet.

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Mr deHaas told the animals were spotted near Cape Naturaliste.

“Words don’t really cut it really. They look massive from the water but with the drone view and the comparison of the boat,” he said.

“It was hard to comprehend an animal that big can come so close to shore.


“We really are lucky here in Western Australia.”

On Instagram, Mr deHaas estimated one whale was 150m from the shoreline.

Blue whales can reach lengths of at least 33m and can weigh 190 tonnes. They have a heart the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, the World Wildlife Fund says.

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