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Victoria records 941 cases of COVID-19 as city comes alive over Cup weekend

Victoria has recorded 941 new cases of COVID-19 as the state continues its downward trend of infections.

The state’s vaccination rate has climbed to 82 per cent of eligible residents being fully vaccinated.

Eight people died with the virus yesterday, while 657 Victorians remain in hospital, including 117 patients in ICU.

The city hosted its largest event since lockdown lifted, with thousands of patrons attending the Melbourne Cup yesterday.

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City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp said “foot traffic went up enormously” in the CBD as people celebrated over the long weekend.

“We’re at about 80 per cent of normal foot traffic over the weekend, which means so many customers coming into shops and patrons into restaurants, cafes and pubs.


“The traders are delighted.

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“That sense of the buzz being back and people really enjoying themselves the way that we used to – all of that was encapsulated yesterday for the Melbourne Cup.”

Ms Capp said big events like the Melbourne Cup “built up confidence” that major events could go forward in future.

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“People are feeling more confident about coming into high-density environments, major events, and this is great news for Melbourne as we head into Christmas,” she said.

“We’ve got Fashion Week next and so much to look forward to as part of the Christmas extravaganza and people are really making the most of it and vaccination remains the key so that we can all keep enjoying ourselves.”

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