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UpNext 2022: Gumtree Media’s podcast investigates how the pandemic changed content consumption for good and what brands need to know

In the third episode of Gumtree’s UpNext: The Future is Sustainable podcast series, our expert panel dives into all things content and innovation following the series’ in-depth insights into new audience research, C2C marketplace trends and the Circular Economy.

The final episode in the series considers how a global pandemic has changed the way consumers interact with content today and what areas have drastically accelerated over the past 18 months.

To address this changing face of content consumption in a practical way for marketers, the UpNext team goes beyond the banner to explore 3D walkthroughs, shoppable content and the world of educational guides as brands push to connect with consumers, hold their attention and drive outcomes in a world that is increasingly saturated with brand messages.

Series host Tim Burrowes is joined by Tim Flattery, head of Gumtree and CarsGuide Innovation Labs; Andrew Chesterton, creative director, Gumtree and CarsGuide Innovation Labs; and Alicia Rowe, digital campaign manager, Mitsubishi Motors Australia to discuss what’s changed, what’s worked and what’s up next.

Rowe explained how the pandemic had such a massive effect on how the brand advertises, particularly online. 

“We had to very quickly pivot our strategies,” she said. “Social distancing and the lack of being able to go into the shops, that’s cataclysmic. People who were resistant to change and weren’t fond of online shopping or online mediums needed to use that to live, to get groceries, to be safe. Even more so, they learnt that it’s not so much of a barrier.”


The episode also covers how 3D shoppable content has changed how consumers shop and how it can directly influence consumer purchase behaviour. During the worst moments of the pandemic, when visiting stores and showrooms was impossible, 3D shopping stepped in to provide real, tangible, useful information to customers. Moving forward, 3D content is set to be at the forefront of the omni-channel shopping experience. 

Backed by circular economy trends and marketplace insights from Gumtree, CarsGuide and Autotrader’s 7.8 million unique monthly users, the final episode is the perfect listen for marketers looking to find their footing after the last 18 months. 

So if you’re keen to dig into what changing content preferences mean for the future of marketing, take a listen here or via the podcast player below. 

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