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Magnis | Semi-Automated Production Begins at New York Lithium-ion Battery Plant

Semi-Automated Production Begins at New York Lithium-ion Battery Plant Magnis Australian Owned

Magnis Energy Technologies Limited “Magnis” announced semi-automated production has commenced at the iM3NY
Battery Plant that is located in Endicott, New York. Magnis is still the major shareholder of the total project.
Semi-Automated production is an important phase where batches of cells are being produced
for both marketing and due diligence purposes. Volumes will continue to increase all the way
up to fully automated production.

This is a major milestone for the company that proves it’s a legitimate contender to be a household name in years to come.

New Board Member Named Magnis Calls In The Big Guns

Hoshi Daruwalla – Non-Executive Director
Mr. Daruwalla is based in the United States and has a career spanning over three decades where
he has started, operated, and grown businesses across a variety of industries globally from startups to significant multinationals.
Mr. Daruwalla designed, project-managed, successfully delivered, maintained, and serviced
solutions in a niche, mission-critical areas. Mr. Daruwalla engages with the U.S. Department of
Energy and U.S. Department of Defense on matters related to U.S. national security, innovation,
and self-reliance of the United States on critical energy, defense, and homeland security


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