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New eco-friendly edible coffee cups developed by Melbourne company

With more than two million coffee cups going to landfill each day, a new startup is hoping Melburnians can eat their way out of the problem.

Startup Good Edi has developed a 100 per cent waste-free solution – edible coffee cups.

The cups are designed to be eaten once the coffee is finished, but they are also designed to break down naturally if they are discarded.

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The Good Edi cup is made from oats, grains and other natural ingredients.

The idea was thought of more than a year ago by friends Aniyo and Catherine.

Aniyo said the hardest part was making sure the edible cup could handle hot liquids.


The cup that they have designed will stay crispy for 45 minutes with a hot drink inside, but it will keep its form for several hours.

Cafes can purchase each one for $1.25 wholesale.

They are designed to be chosen as an ‘add on’ with customers’ orders.

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