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Moving on from pads and tampons | The New Daily

You may be conscious of doing your bit to reduce landfill, but you may not know of an easy way to lighten the load on the environment.

Sanitary waste makes up for more of Australia’s landfill than you may have guessed.

The typical person sends one wheelie bin’s worth of menstrual waste to landfill every year.

That’s an average of 11,000 tampons per menstruating person.

Less pads and tampons, less landfill

What’s more, sanitary waste takes years to break down.

Pads and tampons are mostly made of single use plastics and pads takes between 500 and 800 years to biodegrade.

Disposable period products are often washed into waterways with plastic tampon applicators one of the worst marine litter offenders.

Pads and tampons environmental impact
Pads take more than 500 years to decompose. Photo: Getty.

As Australia eyes off a more sustainable future, more of us are looking for sustainable alternatives to products that contribute to landfill.

A planet-friendly solution

A cleaner, greener solution to sanitary waste is Modibodi underwear.


Modibodi undies are made with a built-in absorbent lining, meaning you don’t have to use pads or tampons when you wear them.

The leak-free undies are made with absorbent and environmentally-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, merino wool, recycled nylon and organic cotton.

Founder Kristy Chong spent more than 18 months working with scientists and engineers to create and test these fabrics to make sure people would feel confident wearing them.

There are three layers in the built-in lining that stops leaks and keep users feeling dry and comfortable.

The top layer is made from moisture wicking merino wool, the middle microfibre layer absorbs fluid and prevents odours and bacteria, while the outer waterproof layer protects clothing from leaks.

Since its 2013 launch, Modibodi has sold more than 4 million pairs of underwear.

Up to 80 per cent of its customers report making the switch to period undies to be more sustainable.

For more than just periods

Modibodi underwear products are not just for periods. The range, which also includes bras, active wear and swimwear, works for leaky bladders, sweat, discharge and leaky post-baby boobs.

All of these items can easily be washed in cold water.

Ditching pads and tampons for reusable, more sustainable options is a step towards a healthier environment.


With around half the world’s population menstruating for much their life, the potential for future change is huge.

Find the full range of Modibodi products here.

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