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Gold Coast man who tested positive for COVID-19 released from hospital after two weeks

The man who crossed the Queensland border and brought COVID-19 with him has been released from hospital. He says the state government “exaggerated”, his condition.

Duran Raman was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the Gold Coast on October 21 and has spent the last two weeks in hospital.

It’s alleged the one-time Uber driver crossed the border by foot, pre-diagnosis, before being hospitalised with severe symptoms at Gold Coast University Hospital.

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His positive status prompted extensive police investigations and Queensland Health contact tracing efforts to track his activity.

At the time of his hospitalisation, it was reported Mr Duran was too sick to communicate with health authorities.

“He’s so breathless he can hardly talk to us and will probably have to go into intensive care,” Dr Young said at the time.


Upon leaving hospital, Mr Raman has denied this was the case.

“I was fine, I was fine. They were exaggerating it like something stupid,” he said. 

“It wasn’t that bad, I was a little bit crook — a little bit fluey.” 

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While Mr Duran wasn’t in intensive care for his two weeks in hospital, he was put on oxygen to assist his breathing.

“I had a little bit. But it wasn’t like I couldn’t breathe and I really needed it,” he said. 

“It wasn’t like I was on my deathbed needing high-flow oxygen.”

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During his hospitalisation, he was charged for allegedly breaching border restrictions, and issued a $4135 fine.

“I lost my job so it’s a bit much for an unemployed guy now,” Mr Duran said. 


He added he’d like to apologise to residents of Queensland and ask for forgiveness, acknowledging his branding by many as “public enemy number one”, over the last two weeks.

“My aim is to be Queensland’s public friend number one,” Mr Raman said.

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