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Friendly jaguars, surfing sea lions: Top videos of the week

It’s been another long week of climate squabbling and diplomatic goofs in the media and, honestly, it has been a lot.

Not to worry – The New Daily‘s reporters have once again compiled their favourite clips from this week and some of these are a hoot.

We hope these videos put a bit of pep in your step for the weekend.

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Friends, not food

While we may have previously been a little terrified of big cats, like giant jaguars, this adorable TikTok may have changed our tune.

Don’t count on us getting pet jaguars anytime soon, but who could resist those big eyes and silky satin paws?

Too. Cute.

@sean_exoticThe rematch #jaguar #bigcat #wildcat #animas #animalsoftiktok #animalsdoingthings #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viralvideo #viral♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Surfing sea lion

The weather is finally starting to heat up, and this gnarly sea lion is among the keen surfers polishing their moves.


Consider us seriously impressed.

Cowabunga dude!

 Bundles of bunnies

There is no rhyme or reason to why bunnies make our hearts flutter and our eyes turn heart-shaped. Is it their tiny paws? Their ears that are somehow long, but little at the same time? Or maybe it’s just the copious amount of fluff … Whatever it is, enjoy. (Click the arrows).

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Peering parrot

While we’re not ecstatic about the pre-lockdown traffic returning to our streets (seriously, we’ll miss driving everywhere in half the time it would normally take), we are pleased to see some of our feathered friends are enjoying the traffic cameras!

This parrot hilariously peers straight down the barrel of the lens – and we feel like he’s staring right into our souls.

Sharing is caring

This generous Johnny proves the children really are our future. He arrives at a house on Halloween and finds the treat bowl empty, but instead of a trick – he leaves some lollies for the next kid to find. We love the little dance he does when he decides to choose kindness.

Last hound standing

It’s one thing for a dog to get on its hind legs to reach food you left on the bench, but Nala here looks a little too comfortable on two feet.

She must have just finished reading Animal Farm.

“Four legs good, two legs better.”

So that’s how they do it…

Honestly, who knew that loading a heap of suitcases onto an airplane could be so mesmerising.


We even love the fact that this aircraft worker had a brief chance to rest his head – check out 0:09.

Liar, liar, pants on fire

It’s been a bumpy week – or past couple of months – in diplomatic relations for Australia.

At the G20 summit this week, French President Emmanuel Macron turned up the heat when he spoke to Australian reporters on the sidelines of the event, effectively calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a liar over the bungled submarine deal.

Reporters on the scene captured this extraordinary video that set the Twittersphere alight (check out 2:16).

The ‘I don’t think, I know’ meme will go down in history.

Well, this is awkward …

Just when you thought the lead-up to and execution of the COP26 climate summit couldn’t get more disastrous for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, well, it did.

“Global momentum to tackle China – climate change – is building,” he said in front of the world’s leaders at the conference.


Gimme gimme more ABBA

Swedish pop quartet ABBA are back!

With their new album Voyage soaring to the top of the charts and their upcoming virtual tour in the works, Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid are proving they still know how to rock out.

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RIP Bert

This week, Australia lost a broadcasting great – Bert Newton.

Bert was on Aussie screens for more than five decades, and won four Gold Logies over his long career.

Bert, who will be farewelled in a state funeral next week, was one of the biggest personalities in entertainment, and an inspiration for all reporters and presenters for his spirited personality.

Bert was one of the most beloved characters ever to grace Australian screens, a true professional through and through.

We love this hilarious clip of Bert handling this sticky situation like a true pro.

Rest in peace, Bert.

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