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Four jailed after man kidnapped, beaten and forced to eat dog food

Four people have been jailed over a bizarre hostage drama, which began with a stolen sex toy and ended with a victim dumped, beaten and naked north of Adelaide after being forced to eat dog food.

The offenders today fronted Adelaide District Court, where Judge Liesl Chapman told them that despite not all knowing the victim, they had changed the man’s life forever.

The court heard the incident began when Janise Cox, who was an ice user, wanted revenge on the victim after he took her vibrator.

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She enlisted her brother, their father and two friends to carry out the cruel and bizarre payback.

The suspected thief was lured to the family’s Elizabeth North home, and when he arrived a stranger repeatedly punched, stabbed and tasered him.

Another member of the group joined in, forcing the victim to drink dirty bong water and eat dog food.


Janise Cox

The court heard the victim’s ordeal only ended when the group took him to a remote location at Port Gawler, forced him to strip, and drove off.

The badly injured man walked in the cold and wet for more than two kilometres before he stumbled upon someone who called the police.

Judge Chapman had a clear message to the offenders.

The victim was forced to eat dog food, as a member of the gang posed with a sausage roll in this photo.Janise Cox's brother

“People who think they can take the law into their own hands are dangerous to the community,” she said.

“What the five of you did was nasty, terrifying and cowardly.

“You did change him forever.”

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Marque Milligan-Passler

Ms Cox was jailed for at least two years, although with time already served, the mother could be freed in less than a year.

Nelson Cox was jailed for four years.

One of the other group members, a 40-year-old, was spared jail and instead sentenced to a four-year suspended term, while another was jailed for six years.


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