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COVID-19 alert in far north Queensland

A border hopper from Cairns has put far north Queensland on alert after contracting COVID-19 in Victoria.

A 21-year old woman who flew from Cairns to Darwin tested positive yesterday, originally telling authorities she hadn’t been to a hotspot.

She sparked the fresh restrictions in the Northern Territory, after travelling from Adelaide.

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Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the woman had driven to Melbourne on October 21 and spent four days in Victoria before driving to Adelaide on October 25, then flying back to Cairns, and on to Darwin on October 29.

Queensland Health has listed alerts for Cairns, Cardwell, and Innisfail.

Locations include Monday’s Jetstar flight JQ960 from Adelaide to Cairns.


The person was also at Kmart, Cotton On and Cairns Shopping Centre on Friday October 29, all from 10.30am-11.30am.

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Woolworths in Mission Beach on Wednesday afternoon is also on the list

Anybody who was at any of the shops needs to get tested as soon as possible and isolate until they get the result.

Meanwhile anti-vaccine protesters swarmed the Queensland – New South Wales border as part of national protests, as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promoted the ‘snag and a jab’ campaign at Bunnings.

The state is still lagging behind, with the lowest single dose rate of any state or territory in the country.

“We’re now at Queensland 79.34 per cent single dose, fantastic, we are probably going to hit that 80 per cent first dose by Tuesday,” she said.

The Premier said she would re-evaluate mask rules once that rate is reached.

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