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Cleo Smith found: Finding of Cleo Smith ‘a miracle’ leading criminologist says

The fact that missing Western Australia girl Cleo Smith was found more than two weeks after she went missing is a “once in a lifetime miracle”, a leading criminologist says.

The four-year-old vanished from her family’s tent at the Blowholes campsite on 16 October and was found inside a Carnarvon home around 1am today after a massive air, land and air search.

Criminologist Xanthe Mallett told Today she is shocked by the positive outcome as the investigation was hampered by a number of challenges from the offset.

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“They weren’t CCTV cameras, there were no dash-cam footage on people’s cars, it wasn’t in suburbia for example,” Ms Mallett said.

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“The police have a lot of persons of interest look at. Anyone in the camp site, anyone with family travelling there, anyone with relevant criminal history in the local community.


“There were a lot of leads to follow in the early days.”

A man has been taken into custody and little Cleo has been reunited with her family.

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Cleo Smith.

Ms Mallett praised police and said they did a lot of crucial legwork early into Cleo’s disappearance.

“The police have done a phenomenal job…It’s a kind of miracle almost what happened this morning,” she said.

“There’s a link to Cleo and the family and this individual. The police have identified this link. Followed it and successfully brought her home.

Officers are checking satellite coverage as part of the hunt for Cleo Smith in WA.

“It’s one once in a lifetime. We’ve see cases happen before there’s never been such a positive out come.

“I’m very surprised this morning but couldn’t be more pleased.”

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