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Cameras may not have caught Cleo Smith abductor, say police

Police have admitted Cleo Smith’s abductor may not have been caught on a single security camera while leaving the campsite where she went missing.

Investigators say the area near the Blowholes is just too remote, but their answers may come from eyes in space instead.

WA Acting Police Commissioner Col Blanch said there were paths to take that weren’t on main roads and there were no security cameras in that area.

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Drones have been used in the search.

But in a town with a rich space history, the search for Cleo is going even higher with officers checking satellite coverage.

“Satellites aren’t always over that area of WA so sometimes it’s luck, but certainly that is an avenue of investigation for us,” Mr Blanch said.


Police said they have not traced the one mystery car spotted leaving that night.

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Officers are checking satellite coverage as part of the hunt for Cleo Smith in WA.

They have however collected data from mobile phone towers which could offer clues.

Meanwhile, audio of Cleo’s voice captured by one camera along with mobile phone footage from her parents confirms the family were at the Blowholes campsite on the night of October 16.

Cleo Smith disappearance missing person

The lead detective said her parents, Ellie and Jake, had a quiet night by themselves around the camp fire after putting the kids to sleep after 8pm.

They remained next to the tent before going to bed.

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Officers are checking satellite coverage as part of the hunt for Cleo Smith in WA.

More than 110 campers have now been interviewed and cleared as suspects.

But officers are looking for a few more people

“We still believe there may be a couple more that haven’t come forward for various reasons, that may have been camping a little further away,” Mr Blanch said.


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