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Albanese fumes at Morrison for ignoring US request over AUKUS deal

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has fumed about being left out of the loop when the government was negotiating the AUKUS agreement.

Earlier today, Nine Newspapers reported the Biden Administration expected the Australian opposition to be kept abreast throughout the negotiations.

But Albanese today said he was only told of the deal the day before it was announced.

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"It is extraordinary that the prime minister broke that faith and trust with our most important ally by not briefing Australian Labor on these issues," he said.

"The fact that the United States had made a request to Australia that was ignored for four and a half months shows that this is a prime minister who always plays short-term politics, (and) is not interested in the national interest."

Albanese said the Biden Administration understood the alliance deal would have implications beyond who was in government at the time.


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Prime Minister Scott Morrison didn't consult with Labor while negotiating the AUKUS deal.

"The Biden Administration reached out to Republicans and to people on the other side of their political system, to ensure that it would have that support within the United States," he said.

"And the Biden Administration sought reassurance from the Australian government that Australian Labor had been consulted on these issues."

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Joe Biden consulted with his Republican opponents about the AUKUS deal before it was agreed to.

The AUKUS deal between Australia, the UK and the US will allow Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines.

At the time it was announced, Australia had a $90 billion deal to buy submarines from France, which was cancelled without notice.

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